Bike Book Club

Fred’s Bike Book Club, Spring 2013

carnival bike float 2011
Fred Slattern, Colchester’s slum poet, wants to get booklovers on bikes.
The Olympics are over, and we weren’t chosen for Team GB, as bookreading is not recognised as an Olympic event. But we bookish people can show them, by moving our bodies around under our own steam at the Bike Book Club.
Let them see our olympic legacy. Let them see our oily legs.
Fred will read extracts from his favourite novels and non-fiction with a bicycle theme. Fred’s “Book Club on Wheels” event includes only a few short bits of bike riding, with lots of stops in Colchester’s quiet green pretty places for book chat.
The last stop on the route will be Hilly Fields, where reading riders could have a picnic lunch. Another option is to end at the Bike Café “Chapeau” in the town centre for refreshments.
Warnings/ Rules
  1. This Book Club is GUARANTEED to be a sprocket- and cranks-free event, NO TECHIE CONTENT.
  2. Discussion and chat about the books is very welcome. Straying into tangential subjects will be celebrated.
  3. No lycra clothing or racing bikes please.
  4. The texts are from books written for adults. Young people are welcome, but it’s not a children’s event.
  5. Medals, book lists and certificates will be awarded randomly, not to “winners”.
  6. The event is expected to finish at about noon. Bring your own picnic for lunch at Hilly Fields (Sussex Road), or continue to “Chapeau” (Church Walk)  in the town centre
  7. Fred will perform a couple of short spoken-word pieces, written for the event.
  8. Be ready to roll at 10:30. If your bike needs a bit of fiddling before it’s ready to ride please get to the start extra early.
Fred Slattern, Colchester’s slum poet.
In 2011 Fred Slattern attempted to become Britain’s Most North-West Poet by cycling to Cape Wrath lighthouse at the NW tip of Scotland. The weather was so bad, the foot ferry to the Cape wasn’t running. However he earlier had an excellent gig at The Old Inn in Gairloch, where he entertained about 50 locals, and 40 bemused members of the Dutch Vintage Volvo Owners Club.
(Special thank you to Essex County Council for supporting the Bike Book Club event in 2012.)

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